Updates soon

So I’ve gotten 2 followers eh? Well then I suppose I should unleash the horde of reviews stored in my laptop…..which I don’t have here at the job site….hehheh..

But just wait till Monday! I’ll be home and no one else will so my internet will run smooth (uhg this phone is hard to type with) and I’ve got mabey 8 or 9 of ‘em so yeah you’ll be getting some actual updates…

Oh also if either or you (or anyone else if I actually garner more followers from what little I have) have suggestions for how to better review stories feel free to send me a message. I do have a system and I’ll try to upload one tomorrow when I get home so you might see and send me any criticisms you have so I can fix the rest..

Anyways see you Monday!

Twilight Sparkle Smiling

Beautiful Story

Okay, so no one sees this but Ima still post this anyways….

      I just read the most beautiful story…so if someone does read this you should really go check it out….

*warning is entirely pony…also it is kind of sad…but in a really good way…*

It’s called Quite Ready for Another Adventure…just in-case you may have read it….